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Contact Lens Wearer or Would You Like to be?  We provide an expert contact lens fit from soft contact lenses to the most complex toric, multi-focal or specialty contact lens.

These days most folks don’t think twice about the possibility of wearing contact lenses. Worn improperly however, contact lenses can cause discomfort and even permanent damage to the eye. 

Dr. Pascucci and Bonnie Krom, BA, COMT, have been fitting patients with contact lenses for more than twenty years. After a thorough eye examination, they can fit most with the lens that best fits their own eye’s structure and personal lifestyle. In most cases, a trial pair will be available the same day. Trial lenses should be worn for a short period of time (usually a week), and then a quick check up will determine if that’s the lens for you. 

We offer a wide variety of soft contacts, including specialty lenses such as colored, multi-focal and toric lenses.  We also offer gas permeable contact lenses. Our prices are competitive with most online retailers and lens reorders can be sent directly to your home.